Screw You…

This is a tough one…but I think it’s important. We should do everything in our power to forgive people we think screwed us over. Chances are they weren’t trying to hurt you directly…they were just trying to make their own lives better.

Paths will cross down the road…and you’ll be able to look them dead in the eye without drawing a line in the sand. They…on the other hand…will have a hard time looking back. Actually that kind of blows too. Life is just too damn short for that.

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I was doing that thinking thing this morning after I woke up. You know that type of thinking, right? It’s after you wake up…when you plan out your day…plot your revenge…put off going to the bathroom…and you’re happy about this or sad about that.

Anyhow, I had this thought: It’s a good thing breathing is an unconscious act…because my mind is so damn busy thinking these things…and feeling sorry myself…that I’d forget to do it. (And then I would die.)

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