A Quickie…

This is unedited so excuse grammatical errors like run-ons and missed punctuation and other stuff that doesn’t seem to fit. (I don’t even know what a run-on is. I’m sure some of you do.)

I spent the evening answering emails to long lost friends and people I know from all over. It’s amazing how cool some people can be. As I was writing personal things I decided that this blog is something I should give up because Thirty Seconds is my deal…my belief…and why does it matter what I think beyond that.

So…I’m not sure I will keep this going. But I DID feel the need to post tonight for some reason. Maybe because I’m starting to see that people really DO care more than I thought. They may not know how to communicate…and clearly they take our lead (the cancer people)…but they are not silent because they don’t care. They just don’t know what the hell to do. It wasn’t that long ago I was the same way.

Whatever. I just want to say that despite the shit…on a night like tonight…I realize that we are all in this mess together. Those of us who don’t understand that…and isolate ourselves…are the miserable ones.

As I said…this is going nowhere. Just know that new lessons present themselves everyday. Not new to the world…but new to me. (And sorry this is so lame.)

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