Never give up on a dream. Fight for it at all costs. Plant your dreams firmly in your mind and heart, and then fight like hell to let it happen for you.

Setbacks, roadblocks, brick walls…accept them as part of your journey, but don’t give them ultimate power. Deal with them against the backdrop of your dreams, but don’t let them have the final word. Bust through them, or dismantle them piece-by-piece…persevere…while you continue on your path.

Waging War in Baby Steps

The real war(against achieving your dreams) is waged not in monumental battle scenes but minute-to-minute victories. It is the people that continuously put one foot in front of the other despite setbacks…always moving in the direction of their dreams…that live their :30 with purpose.

Big and little steps alike make a journey. Some steps are light and carefree, others are burdened with doubt and anxiety. The point…in either case…is to keep moving toward your goal, even when the likelihood of success seems remote. Strike that…especially when the likelihood of success seems remote.

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  1. Perfect! 😉

  2. I couldn’t of said it better myself! It’s a struggle and so worth every step! There’s true beauty in following dreams if we only chose to believe. It’s the smallest and simplest step, just listen to your heart. The 1st voice you hear, the voice that speaks to you and says what it wants even when the soul is scared. We have great power within. It’s a pleasure to see you finding yours…

    Peace and continuos blessings!
    Raeven Western

    • Thank you so much, Raeven. “I couldn’t have said it better myself,” means a lot coming from you. I’m glad I found your blog. (I’ll be there often…)



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