I don’t know why I love this picture so much. I’m what one might call a pseudo-Johnny Cash fan. A casual listener. (Though his cover of “Hurt” is the coolest.)

I think I love it because it’s the way I feel right now. Screw everything, ya’ know? I’m not giving up…maybe just giving in…to what IS. I’ve been here before and it’s a comforting spot. We fight so f*cking hard to make the universe and our lives the way we want them to be…and get worn out in the process. Sometimes you just have to say WTF and grab yourself a beer.

I also believe that when we reach a spot of acceptance things begin to change…hopefully for the better. If it doesn’t…well…we have to accept that as well. Maybe that’s our best revenge…to take the sh*t that life gives us sometimes…and give it the finger right back. Not because we hate life…but because we’ll take it…the good and the bad.


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  1. andy you write SO well. I can often relate to many of the things you write about-of course not in the same context as you do but I can still apply these things to my own life, my own growth my own journey so to speak.

    I had hoped by the time I was grown up I’d have my shit together my life planned, etc but life isn’t about having a plan it’s about living it one day at a time-something I struggle with greatly. So reading your excerpts is a good reality check for me-bringing me back to remembering what things matter. Thanks bud!

  2. Thanks a bunch, Ann. We ALL hoped we’d have our shit together by now…we’ll see, huh?

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