Answers From The Great Beyond

I’m starting to get a little pissed off at myself for spending so damn much time longing for what I’ve lost…and wondering what the hell the future is going to be like. I turned off the lights tonight and when the darkness hit, I was keenly aware that I had an empty-ish feeling inside. (I hate that feeling!)

It occured to me shortly thereafter that I felt like that most of the day. I ask you…WTF?!  (Funny how that’s becoming cliche’.)  I’m getting a bit irritated with myself…I can only imagine what the people who have to experience me must think.

Here I am espousing the :30 Seconds Theory…telling anyone who will listen to grab life by the ‘nads and make sure they don’t waste it…yet I fail to do it myself consistently.  (I am getting better, though.)

Many of the people I’ve been “talking” to on line have the same feelings…I can tell by the way they talk…and…you know…how they say, “I am sad.”  We’re lonely, sad, confused, searching for something or someone to make us happy. We’re looking for answers from the Great Beyond.

Don’t Hold Your Breath

Sorry to say this…but those answers aren’t going to arrive any time soon. Wanna’ feel peaceful for a couple of seconds? Repeat “There are no answers,” a bunch of times. Say it…let it sit there for a little while…then say it again. Seriously…try it. You will feel at peace for a few seconds each time you say it.

This is a guess…but I think that happens because it’s a simple truth and our little minds can’t refute it.  Our minds get stuck…and have nothing to say in response.  We simply don’t know the answers to many of the big questions we ask ourselves.  At least not yet.  (Unfortunately our inner dialogue ramps up all too quickly…and you’ll be in a heap of trouble if you run around all day mumbling, “There are no answers. There are no answers.”  Maybe practice this in moderation.)

So again…the answer to all those nagging questions we ask ourselves is that there are no answers.  That kind of blows…but it might just help you get through today.


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  1. I like this. Can “grab life by the nads,” (which of course I do not have, what are women to say then???) be breathing in silence in your backyard? Taking in the birds’ songs? Or is that getting on the motorcycle and taking that trip out west? Maybe it is both, all, whatever we don’t take time for but wish we would?

  2. Hmmm…just grab something and go. I think it’s all of the above. Something tells me we should be comfortable with the former before we do the latter. I think in our culture we do the opposite…hoping a new Harley and cool leather chaps will make us happy. Clearly it doesn’t…otherwise why would we feel the need to dress the bike after a few weeks.

  3. very well put

  4. Carpe diem. Thanks to you I now have a new mantra: “There are no answers. There are no answers.”

    And I agree with your conclusion: “That kind of blows…but it might just help you get through today.”

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