Sh*t…I’m an Emo!

Bright Eyes
Bright Eyes

I’ve been sitting here reading blogs from all over the world…you know…trying to see how I stack up.  I thought I was a decent writer, but there are so many great writers out there I’m not exactly sure anymore.  I happened upon a couple of realizations as I was peeking in on other bloggers lives, and they aren’t pretty.

One of Many

First off, there are A LOT of people out there in cyberland searching for answers by giving them.  We are very easy to find.

This came as a bit of a shock to me because I thought I was the only inhabitant of Poor-Me-Ville.  True, Lindsay Lohan moved in early last week, but she won’t stay long.  Rich, hot, celebs visit their gated community condos…but they don’t actually live there. 

Imagine my surprise when I realized there are actually 7.31 Ka-billion bleeding hearts living right here with me in Poor-Me-Ville.  So much for originality.  (I’m still the mayor though…)  So I’m one of many…I can live with that.

This was worse…

I fancy myself a bit of a sage…wiser for the tough issues a cancer diagnosis presents…wanting to teach others what I’m learning along the way.  I was thinking, “This growth…the pain…the raw emotions that come from a universal crowbar to the head…they must be worth something.   I don’t want to feel all this stuff and hold it in.  Maybe I can help others…maybe not.  I’m damn sure helping myself, though.”  And that is when realization #2 chimed in, “Sh*t!  I’m an EMO!”


I don’t know if I’m even young enough to be an emo.  I definitely don’t have enough hair to look like I just rolled out of bed and don’t give a damn about how I look.  I also don’t have 45 minutes to make myself look like I just rolled out of bed and don’t care how I look.  (I think the emo look takes some real effort.)  This is upsetting…because I thought I was a lonely, over emotional SOB.  Turns out I’m in good company.  Crap.

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  1. lol. Who isn’t a emo nowadays? Especially with people losing jobs and homes, for goodness sake I’ve become a emo. But oh goodness I wouldn’t dress like that to much work for me, I like effortless things ^^. Nice blog.

  2. I guess that’s true. Dammit! I just can’t be different! Not even as an emo. Thanks for the comment…this was my first crack at trying to be funny. (It’s easier to whine…)

  3. lmao. You’ll be different one day…? *cough* Well your blog made me crack a giggle and I’m glad you didn’t whine. Whiners are so annoying >_>;

  4. Again…thank you. Pass it on if you think someone else might get a laugh. Emo’s unite! We can call it The Big Drain…

  5. I enjoyed this post. Guess why? lol 😀

  6. There are A LOT of us aren’t there? Thanks for waving the flag…

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