lessons so far…

Sorry…nothing flowery here. No contrived, poetic sayings suitable for framing. This is what I’ve seen so far…in my limited view…that can help us live our :30 Seconds better.

Lesson: Sh*t happens. Suck it up and deal with it. I don’t care how sh*tty it is…sometimes you just have to take it. Whine a little…but don’t expect anyone to really understand your sh*t. It’s yours…not theirs.

Lesson: Good and bad are different sides of the same coin. Life is the coin…to have it means to hold both heads and tails.

Lesson: You will not find happiness in a BMW, smoother skin, bigger boobs, a tighter ass, or a bigger house. What makes you happy today can be the source of anxiety tomorrow. Don’t worry about making the “right” choices about things like this…just understand that this might possibly be true.

Lesson:Authentic people are few and far between and you can spot them a mile away. They stand out in sharp contrast to the rest of the bullsh*tters. Hang with them. You won’t feel so cheap.

Lesson: Everyone is fighting some sort of battle that plays in the background each day. Some are just more public than others. Remember that when you’re inclined to complain about an underdone anything.

Lesson:We all want to be relevant. Little kids…famous people…old people…everyone. Notice other people and treat them like rock stars. (And not just when things are going well for them.)

The bottom line so far: “Where ever you go…there you are.”

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