Struggle seems to precede beauty in this world…it is the natural order of things I think.  Examples of this are found everywhere and in most things. 

Struggle is the polishing of a rough diamond…brutal as it is…that transforms a clear pebble into a living, brilliant symbol of man’s deepest longing and expression.  

It is an angel buried deep within a block of stone, set free by the an endless number of strikes from the artist’s hand. 

It is long, lonely nights at the piano that produce songs worthy of humming, or a child’s first faltering steps that lead to walking…finally…so she can run.

Struggle is here…hidden in the day-to-day.  If we can face it…and endure it…something beautiful is bound to escape.  I really hope this is true.

(Feel free to leave your own examples of struggles that lead to better things…)

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  1. Beautifully put.

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