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All Apologies

Forgive me.  Forgive me for the sporadic writing that comes out these days.  My mind is jumbling as I work through the issues that come from this serious, unavoidable situation.  How does one begin to share the lessons learned along the way when emotions come at you from all angles?  It’s what I want to do…so this is a feeble attempt at doing so.  Maybe if I can gut through this I will have a killer writing style that will deliver the message with more clarity in the future.


I read a ton…always have because there is nothing better than finding a new something to help us on our way.  I made new friend here in blog land by the name of Helen.  She has a blog called inward sun.outward smile  and I visit often because I need to stay in touch with the youthful optimism that is there in her posts.  (Is there anything better?) 

She recommended a book called Conversations with God : An Uncommon Dialogue (Book 1)  She told me it would blow my mind…and she was dead on right.  Not only is it blowing my mind…but the timing couldn’t be better.  Just before I fell asleep I dog eared page 131…exhausted after a full day of anxiety and self-pity. 

This is part of what I read when I when I picked it up again today:  (For those of you who have not read it…it is god talking…)

“You have created a society in which it is very not okay to want to die-very not okay to be very okay with death.  Because you don’t want to die, you can’t imagine anyone wanting to die-no matter what their circumstances or condition.”

“If they(the dying) told their assembled relatives and friends, “I just want to die,” they would really hear it.  ‘Oh, you don’t mean that,’ or ‘Now don’t talk that way,’ or ‘Hang in there,’ or ‘Please don’t leave me.’

You see, to a doctor or a nurse, death is failure.  To a friend or relative, death is disaster.  Only to the soul is death a relief-a release.”

“The soul is also clear that there is no great tragedy involved in leaving the body.  In many ways, the tragedy is being in the body.  So you have to understand, the soul sees this whole death thing differently.  It, of course, see the whole ‘life thing’ differently too-and that is the source of much of the frustration and anxiety one feels in one’s life.  The frustration and anxiety comes from not listening to one’s soul.”

“Now it happens often that the soul makes a decision that it is time to leave the body.  The body and the mind-ever servants of the soul-hear this, and the process of extrication begins. 

The fact that I was reading this only one day after I was messed up at the prospect of losing someone I love is another one of the great realities of this life.  Had I NOT clicked on Helen’s blog several weeks ago I doubt I would have found some peace today.  But I did…and it’s bizarre…and awesome and great.  I am thankful for that.

Lesson: Keep going.  Just keep going even though you want to curl up in a ball and wish it all away.  Your guts might ache…your head may be in overdrive and you may be scared out of your ever-loving wits.  Keep going…

Oh…read that book!

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  1. Aw, tear in my eye and warmth in my soul for this! Thank you Andy! What amazes me the most about these books (series of 3 + more recent material) is that different matters speak to you, depending on where you are in life and that is why I am grateful that the example you brought up can give you peace of mind and you can find a way back to your souls faith in everything’s right meaning.

    I promise to write about the books on my blog soon, because these REALLY are essential books!! I don’t believe in forcing things upon people, but rather give recommendations and let reader and writer find eachother when ready. You were certainly open, calling for this and I am so happy it bringing you clarity.

    Let the light surround you as you read!!

    My best wishes from Sweden

    • “let reader and writer find each other when ready” What a cool thought. You DO know that people who don’t buy this stuff think that it’s weird don’t you? They’re wrong though…it’s true. Thanks again, Helen.

      Your US Buddy…


  2. Hi Andy (and Inwardsun!)

    I picked up the book(s) after reading the comment inward left for you here and I also have been blown away (I got the first one at the book store and got the other two for about 50 CENTS on Amazon!!! Insane!)

    Anyhow, I see how we are all sort of connected and the Internet makes it so much easier to find kindred spirits along our journey. Its a wonderful thing.

    • It IS amazing isn’t it? I’m not sure the internet is as evil as I thought 😉

    • Thats great! I’m so excited!! And yes, Internet…is a wild and wonderful thing! Can’t wait to share my ideas with you guys! Enjoy your read! (I’ve made comments and underlined sentences in my books, makes it easier to go back and highlight the wonder of the words!)

      Hugs from a bright-all-night Sweden

  3. I’m finding it so ironic that you were one of the first bloggers to follow me on Blogged, and then I found out today that my wonderful Mother in Law has breast cancer.

    • Oh…I’m sorry to hear that, Molly. It’s not a fun ride…I have to tell you. I noticed a lot of strange coincidences shortly after diagnosis. If you’re like others I know…after their world gets sort of shaken up…you’ll start to notice things like this more.

      Again…I’m sorry for your mother-in-law. This is a very scary time for her. (Quick Tip: let her lead the conversations. If she says she’s scared…let her be scared. If she says she’s worried about dying…ask her how that feels. If she doesn’t bring up how she feels…don’t you do that either.)

      I’ll be checking out your blog from time to time…and you may want to just drift through mine. Most of my stuff is a thinly veiled attempt at passing on lessons from this stuff.

      Take care, Molly. My best to your mother-in-law…


  4. Everything happens for a reason. You were meant to have that book in your hands at that moment.


    • Spooky…and very, very cool. It’s helping me get through for now.

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