Everyday Wisdom from Everyday People…

I’m not a professional anything.  I’m just a man who was there when his wife was diagnosed with incurable breast cancer.

I’ve learned so many things as a result of living in the cancer world…the most important being that life is about creating. 

We can and should create until our dying days…whether it
is a business, a family, or the best damn blueberry pie in the neighborhood…creating is why we are here.

Just because you’re not a famous actor, talk show host, or rock star doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be proud of the life you’re creating.  In fact, I’d rather get advice from everyday people than someone with little or no experience in the real world.  THAT’S WHAT THIS ALL ABOUT…

[Stay tuned on this one.  I have a project that I want EVERYONE to contribute to.  More later…]

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  1. I so agree with you. I don’t think celebrities have a clue what real life is like. I don’t even like the glamor of that life anymore as an adult and after all I have seen and learned. I say no thanks. I am proud of who I am and what I have learned because of the life I have lived and what I have experienced.

    • And so you should be. I guess that’s my point…I know your real life things have taught you things…and you can teach the rest of us some of what you know. Your blogs…creative endeavors…are a way for you to do that for those of us who aren’t in your physical presence. (Oh god…now I’m just droning on…getting full of myself. Sorry. Carry on…)

  2. I believe that good advice can come from anywhere…often where we least expect. I also believe we give celebrities too hard a time. Many of them started out in the “real” world and fought hard with good heads on their shoulders to reach what they set as their goals.

    • I don’t feel like I’m giving celebs a hard time here. I probably should have said they(celebrities) are not experiencing what we have all come to call the real world.
      We get so much information and advice from them…it seems to be from someone who is leading a charmed existence at the moment. (Yeah…I know…we don’t know what’s really going on.)

      The point of this post is that we seem to get the majority of inspirational tips and quotes from the famous. That’s fine…but I get an awful lot of inspiration and good old fashioned tips for living from the people that are just doing their thing…and aren’t worshipped for doing it. I’ll take both…but a lot of us typically don’t hear the wisdom of our friends. (Unless your friends with Oprah.)

      Thanks for reading and the comment. Really…it’s awesome.

  3. So true, Andy, so true.

  4. I look forward to your project! What you said here is very true. I am sorry you had to learn through such a painful experience.

  5. love the phrase “Just because you’re not a famous actor, talk show host, or rock star doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be proud of the life you’re creating.”

    thanks…i’m in the midst of down days =D

    • We all have ’em. They suck…but I suppose it’s when we learn the most.
      I’m glad you like that line because it’s the basis of a project I’m doing online. I’m inviting you. It costs nothing…it’s an interview session…with people who are brave enough to grant it. Go to http://www.wix.com/akoehn/the30secondsproject

      Thanks so much for the comment. You’ll get through…promise.

  6. Well said… no, very well said.

    • Well thank you. Thank you very much. (Really…)


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