The Past…

I found this in my BlackBerry.  Don’t even remember writing it.  I hope I didn’t “lift” it from somewhere…

I acknowledge the past…but I can’t live there, nor would I if I could. 

I remember the past…but the good much more than the bad.  The bad as I judge it was about learning…understood…and done.  I find little reason to dwell on the cause of the lesson.

I have fond, warm memories of the past (and no…I’m not standing in a swimming pool surrounded by my own urine.)

The past matters to be sure.  But what part of it?  That’s the question.  The betrayals?  The lost opportunities and missed friends?  Or is it the road that leads to here…to be acknowledged and respected…maybe even regretted?

The past leads to HERE…and that’s where I am now.  I can deal with this.

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  1. Well put, Andy.

  2. True and insightful as always. Real experience talking, not just words.

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