My Money Where My Mouth Is…

We’ve all got about :30 seconds here in this life.  That’s my theory…that’s why I have this blog.  I have to put my money where my mouth is…now more than ever. 

I will not look back on this particular time in my life with regret.  That’s my hope anyhow.  And that is why I am making the decision to face this thing full on…and feel everything…and learn…and make damn sure I come out a better man. 

This blog…The Thirty Seconds Project…my time as a dad and a husband…a business owner…I keep my feet moving because I believe it is the only choice when living in these circumstances.   (My steps have slowed a little…but not completely…the way they did after diagnosis.)   

We are all here temporarily…about :30 seconds in my estimation.  I will NOT let this define me…or my family.  We are more than a sad story.  We are US.  In the words of Sid Vicious, “F*ckin’ great, we are.”  (Sorry if that’s cocky.)

Cliched Lesson:

If you’re going through something tough…or life isn’t what you want it to be…look at yourself from a higher vantage point…and ask yourself if you are willing to spend your :30 seconds this way. 

Even if you miss the target…won’t you be that much more at ease for trying?  Don’t you want to look back on your life and think, “Well…at least I gave it my all.” ?  You can start right now…

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  1. Very interesting article. Thanks for sharing! Keep it up.

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