Why :30 Seconds?

I have more than a few people ask me what Thirty Seconds is about.  I used to explain it quickly by saying, “I feel like when we look back over our lives all those weeks, months and years will seem like they went by in about :30 seconds.”
  OK…great…big deal.  We all know that life goes by in the blink of an eye…nice work, Andy.  Friggin’ genius you are…
But there is more to it than that…and I hope after reading this you will make it a part of your life.

The Long and Short of it…

Unlike “a blink of an eye,” :30 seconds seems more quantifiable to me.  It’s a very short time…but not like a blink…which is nothing.  

Our lives are a paradox when it comes to time.  We endure l-o-n-g days…endless meetings…countless sorrows…unending happiness…and even bottomless cups of coffee.  Yet these stretches of time all add up to just a few short years when it’s all said and done.  Long AND short…happening at the same time. 

Tool Time…

My intent when I started Thirty Seconds was to invent a “walking around” tool that anyone can use to make more conscious decisions…both big and small.  I guess it’s my take on Carpe Diem.  Maybe a little more modern…maybe a little more depressing (though it absolutely doesn’t need to be)…but an effective reminder that life is short.  (I know…I didn’t write that either…)

The bottom line: The more I come to understand that I have power over the direction of my life…the more anxious I am to live it with the least amount of regret possible.  I have :30 seconds…I sure as hell don’t intend to waste it.

Putting it to good use…

For me a full life has nothing to do with bungee jumping…or running with the bulls…or scaling Mount Everest.  Right now it’s about suffering with my sense of humor intact…as I create from this set of circumstances…and live in the moment…not for as long as I can…but as long as I am here.  Those are 2 different things.

Lesson:You clearly have your own definition of a life well-lived…and that’s the beauty of it.  Thirty Seconds is transferable to any life…and any situation.  It’s about understanding and remembering that this moment…now… is part of your :30 seconds.  My suggestion?  Don’t waste it.

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  1. Very well said.

  2. Beautiful thought.

  3. Awesome Andy.

    • Always nice to see your comments, Agnes. They mean a lot. Thanks!

  4. I gotta submit mine too! 🙂 I’ll come round, I promise!

  5. I’m a cancer survivor and I strongly identify with:
    “suffering with my sense of humor intact…as I create from this set of circumstances…and live in the moment…not for as long as I can…but as long as I am here. ” Thank you.

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