Share YOURS…

What makes up YOUR :30 Seconds?  Here’s my short list: 

Life•Birth•Children•Friends•Loss•Happiness• Parents•Beer•Learning•Meeting•Wins•Hurt•Opportunity•
Anger•Sadness•Laughter•Tears•Success•The Best Meal Ever•Death•Regret•Teaching Working•Music•Idols•Failures•Love•Hate•Fear Courage•EmbarassingMoments•Chance Meetings•Compassion…

Add Your Own And I’ll Post Them With A Link To Your Blog.  (If you have one…)

Don’t be shy…let it all hang out and tell us how and what you do to get the most out of your life.  I have no doubt it will impact someone.  Probably someone you’ll never meet.  Then again… 

AK peace2

Published on April 9, 2009 at 9:53 am  Comments (4)  

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  1. i utilize the good moods.
    after all, no human is ever going to be happy all the time, and if someone out there is please contact me and tell me how you do it. i’ll buy it if its less than 19.99/month.
    when i say utilize, i mean, i call people, dance, exercise, go take care of things i’ve been putting off… when i’m in a bad mood, i wait. one thing i’ve learned from recovery is that bad moods pass, so does despondency; unless, that is, you try to fix yourself. this, no matter what your self-diagnosis or self-medication is, will get a person in trouble.

  2. Not try to fix yourself? Really? Please…more information on that. Seems like all self-help books and guru’s are all about “fixing” onesself. I want to know more, Jen.

  3. it’s big business to sell happiness, everyone from drug dealers to the self-help industry are eager to cash in on it. people hate feeling bad.

    the fact is, the human condition involves a variety of emotions, and emotions are not logical things. sometimes a person will get in a bad mood, and it is my belief that if they try to find a rational reason (oh, it’s because i’m poor, ugly, sick, my wife’s ass is too big, my own ass is too big, i’m just like this…) then to indulge this bad mood only prolongs it.

    the only thing worse is to try to ‘fix’ things (i’ll have a drink, a shot, a hit, i’ll take it out on the road, on the cat, on the husband; i’ll beat myself up for being sad, wonder what’s wrong with me, tell myself there’s something to fix…) it never helps.

    what is best is accepting that our emotions are not always rational, and accepting ourselves regardless.

  4. I get it. How’d you get so smart? Thanks for this. Very cool. I’m going to go and not-fix myself. (I still want whiter teetht though…)

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