Sweeping My Front Step…

I was a 20-something when I picked up one of my grandfather’s books.  I was single and staying in my deceased grandparent’s house until I could find a place to call home.  (It was creepy…)

I sat in their little library one night and pulled a book off the shelf called, “Make Your Life Worthwhile,” by some guy named Emmet Fox.  From what I remember it was written in the 1940’s…I know there was a war going on because some of his entries were about the “present” situation in Germany.

I couldn’t put it down…and I read it over and over again.  It was a series of short entries with religious underpinnings.  While my religious convictions have changed…the simple…straightforward lessons are with me even today.  It’s funny because one of them popped in my head just now…I think it’s worth passing on.

The End of the World

He tells a story about St. Francis of Assisi and his reaction to the hysteria that pervaded his circle of influence.  Apparently the world was coming to an end…or so they thought…and countless people were coming to him asking him what they should do.  No doubt they expected him to say things like, “Pray more,” or, “Renounce your sins,” or “Ask for foregiveness”…you know…the stuff you would expect a holy man to say.

What he said was so incredible…and wise…and just plain awesome.  He told them quite simply to “keep sweeping your front step.”

I’m Sweeping My Front Steps

What he was saying is the future is unknown…so don’t spend today worrying about it…just do what you do and leave it in the hands of God. (The universe.)

I think if he lived now…and was a friend of mine…and saw how wrecked I get sometimes he would look at me and say, “Jeez, Andy.  WTF are you getting so worked up about?  Go sweep your damn front steps because you have control over that…and you know…it needs to be done.”

That’s what I’m trying to do more than ever these days…sweep my front steps.  It looks like I’m working…or endlessly transporting the kids…or cooking dinner…or writing blog posts…or giving talks and learning Twitter.  Those are my steps.  And while they aren’t as clean as some might think they should be…it’s not all that easy to sweep when you’re sad.  But I’m trying.  I’m so glad I picked up that book in that creepy, vacant house.

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I’m Not Kidding…

I saw this picture on Facebook.  It was taken by a relative of mine on the west coast.  I think it was on a sidewalk.  It doesn’t much matter…I think I’m going to have this printed on a Tee.  (It feels proactive to me…)

the doing of the thing

Is there much more to living than this?  Let me know if  you want “in” and I’ll get back to you.  (This isn’t a profit deal BTW.)

Lesson: There are messages all around us.  Sometimes they’re right under our feet 😉

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